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Traditional Valentine decor consists of hearts and and pink. But, I had an idea that stretched a little beyond that. This decor is an easy build that you could leave up all year around.

You will need:

1x4 pine board
Wood glue
Table saw
Chop saw
Brad nailer
Stain (optional)

First, take your 1x4 board and cut it to length. I cut 2 boards 5" and 2 boards 6". This will be the base of my book ends.

On my table saw, I took a 12" board and ripped it 1" thick. Then I ripped another 12" board 1/2" thick.

On my chop saw, I cut a board at a 30 degree angle. I flipped it over and cut it again at a 30 degree angle and then cut it off to make my arrow.

I took my 1/2" board and cut a 45 degree angle on the end with my chop saw. I slid it 2 inches forward and cut it again. I repeated this until I had all 4 of my fletching for my arrow.

I took my 1" board and cut it to 6" in length. Then I took the second piece and cut it to 4" in length. This is the shaft of my arrow.
Now I was ready for assembly. Before I fastened any piece together, I used wood glue first and then nailed it in place.

I took the base pieces, using the 6" for the bottom and the 5" for the top and nailed them together in an "L" shape.

Next I took my 4" arrow shaft and centered the arrow head to the end and nailed it together.

Then I took my fletchings, lined them up on the board, spaced them equally and fastened them.

I decided what height I wanted my arrow to go through the base pieces. I measured the spots so that they were equal on each piece. Then I nailed each part of the arrow from the back to the base.

After the glue had dried, I painted my bookends. Then sanded the edges to rough up the paint a bit. I wiped on and wiped off stain quickly to add an antique look.

This took about 30 minutes to build and about 30 more minutes more to paint.
I'm super excited about these! I have been wanting to build them for quite some time. What do you think? I'd love to see your finished project. Be sure to share yours with me!