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You've been Boo'ed!

Our family is full of traditions. We have things we do every year for every season. My kids anxiously await each and every one of our activities. I feel that these keep our family close together and help to create lasting memories. You're sure to hear about our family's traditions often.

We have a few traditions we like to do before Halloween. One of them is "Boo-ing" our neighbors. Did you ever ring someone's doorbell as a kid and run? Well, it's the same idea, only you leave treats and run! You also leave some instructions to spread the Halloween happiness around the neighborhood.

Here's how it works:

First, print off the instruction sheet. Click here to download printables.

And the Boo picture.

Make some yummy treats, buy candy and package it cute, buy a spooky surprise like glow sticks or even make a fun Halloween craft.

We made caramel and wrapped up and apple with some googly eyes to make a cute Mummy!

We also made some yummy sugar cookies. The kids loved decorating them.

Now, put on your running shoes! Pick two neighbors, place the treats, instruction sheet and Boo picture on the porch as well. Ring the doorbell and run!

Now watch the fun spread. Every couple of days the number of boo-ings should multiply. Maybe by Halloween, every house in the neighborhood will have one of your ghosts hanging on it. And next year your kids will be asking who you are going to Boo!