Donut Banner

I promised in an earlier post that I would show you how to make this cute donut banner. It was so simple and it turned out to be a really amazing addition to our party decorations!

First I got a package of card stock that had brown colors in it. I used dark brown and tan to make the donuts. I have a craft circle punch that I used to punch out the donuts.

I got six donuts out of each piece of paper with this punch.

I then used the same large craft punch to cut circles out of pastel colored card stock for the frosting.
Next I used a small circle craft punch to make the donut holes. I folded each paper in half and made a slight crease. I punched all of the donuts and frosting. I just tried to eyeball the center of each circle to make the hole.

Because you don't want your frosting to be the same size as the donut, I stacked a few circles of frosting on top of each other and cut a smaller wavy line around each circle. This doesn't have to be perfect. No donut is. Imperfections give them personality.

Now it's time to glue the frosting onto the donut. Just line up the holes of the frosting with the donut hole. I picked up some puffy paint from the craft store. It was in the fabric section. I used a variety of colors to make sprinkles and drizzles on each donut.

After the paint has dried, grab some twine. Tape or glue the back of each donut to the twine. I chose to use masking tape to make sure it was more secure because I was hanging it outside. I'm glad I did because it was really windy that day. Maybe using a hot glue gun would be just as effective. I evenly spaced each donut onto the twine and made sure I had extra twine in each end for tying. And you're done! Easy, right? Now hang your banner and you're ready to party!