Donut birthday party

Party planning is a favorite of mine. I love the challenge of picking a theme and then creating decorations and activities that coordinate with the theme. We were shopping at our local discount store, when we happened upon some plates and napkins that were donut themed. They were $1.00 each, so we couldn't pass them up! We decided donuts would be the theme of our 9 year old daughters upcoming 10th birthday party!

One of the benefits of having a big family is that you have lots of help! I had my oldest daughter create some printables to help with the decorations. She also created the invitations!

We made a donut banner for some of the decorations. I will teach you how to make this easy banner in a later post!

I went to our local party store and purchased 2 donut shaped helium filled balloons. The donut balloons were embellished by painting on one side of the donut with widow paint markers and cutting different colors of tissue paper into pieces and sticking them to the paint before it dried. This makes the sprinkles! (It was windy, so I didn't get s great picture).

I bought a variety of fresh donuts that morning and we stacked them up on a gold charger. This was an easy substitute for a cake!

As for games and activities, we kept it pretty simple. It is summer so of course, swimming was a must! One of the gifts the birthday girl received was an inflatable donut float.

Because the majority of the time was to be spent swimming, we limited our activities to 2 games and a craft.

I found a package of small plastic donuts at the local craft store. I thought they were so cute so I decided to make donut bracelets as our craft. I bought a package of silky cord in several different colors. We looped each end around the donut and then tied fisherman's knots to make the bracelets adjustable.

The first game we played was "Stacking donut seeds". We paired up the girls and one girl laid down on her back on her beach towel while the second girl took her turn being the "stacker". We gave each pair a handful of "donut seeds" (aka: Cheerios). We set a timer for one minute and the girls tried to stack as many "donut seeds" on top of each other on the girls forehead. After a minute, we switched places so the opposite girl could stack. This was harder than the girls thought. The winner stacked six high.

The last game we played was tying donuts on a string and hanging them from a pole held horizontally. Each girl stood beside a donut and then they raced to see how could eat their donut first without using their hands. It was definitely entertaining!

We spent the remainder of the time in the swimming pool enjoying the warm summer weather. Needless to say, the party was a hit and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.