Decorating For Fall

It's September and fall is a favorite season of mine! It's sweatshirt and fuzzy sock weather. I can make my favorite soups and sip on some hot chocolate. And let's not forget that I can finally turn on the fireplace and snuggle up under a warm blanket! It's not quite time for Halloween decorating, so in all my excitement, I decided to do some fall decorating. I had fun pulling out all my decorations that can stay up for the entire season... pumpkins, apples, baskets, autumn leaves. I have a bunch of Halloween and a thanksgiving decor, but I lack a bit in the "fall" department. So I decided to get crafty.

I made some cute square pumpkins to sit on my end table. They were a simple craft that didn't take a lot of time to make.

This fall printable was an easy addition to the fall decor. Print it, trim it and put it in a cute frame.

If you like this printable, you can get it here.

I really wanted to make a fall sign to sit on my mantel.

I think it turned out pretty cute, so i will share some easy instructions with you.

Old pallets are great for sign making. It's even better when you can get them for free! Just cut the boards the length you want your sign. I used 3 boards.

Next, you can use thin scraps of wood to nail onto the back of your sign to secure it in place.

I wanted my sign to look like aged wood. I grabbed some oak stain and brushed it on the wood with a sponge brush. I wasn't in a hurry, so I left the stain dry over night.

Next, I used grey chalk paint and brushed on a coat. I didn't totally cover every spot. You can chose any color you like. (When you are painting wood to look aged, you paint several layers and then sand, sand, sand! But we aren't ready for that yet).

The next color I chose was an off white acrylic paint. I brushed it on just like the gray. Notice how you can still see the different layers coming through. After the paint was dry, I sanded the edges quite a bit and sanded the front as well. Just sand until it looks good to you.

For this particular sign, I decided to hand paint the letters. Find your favorite font on your computer and print your words out. This is easy to do without a fancy program. I used Microsoft Wors. Cut the words out make sure they fit on your board the way you want them to. Then grab some chalk! Bright colors are easier to see against a light background. Rub the chalk over the back of your paper. Flip the word over and position it on your sign. Trace the outline of the letters hard with a ballpoint pen. I colored the letters in as well so that it was easier to see the chalk letters.

When you remove the paper, you will be left with a chalk version of your words. I used a thin paint brush to paint the letters on. If this part is too much for you, you can always use a sharpie. It was pretty nerve wracking my first time.

For the word FALL on my sign, I bought wooden letters in the craft section at Target. They weren't very expensive. I stained them with the same oak stain I used for the base of the sign. (Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of this step.)

Then I positioned the letters on my sign and glued them on with wood glue. I decided I wanted the painted words to look a little worn, so I lightly roughed it up with some sand paper. After a coat or two of spray varnish, you can add some finishing touches. I wrapped some thick twine around one end of the sign and tied it in a knot.

I decorated my mantel with some autumn leaves, a bushel basket of apples, a fall banner and a pumpkin.

How do you decorate for fall at your house?