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Illuminating Halloween decoration that's so easy to make!

Are you looking for something to add a little spooky Halloween feel to welcome the trick or treaters? Check out my easy tutorial to learn how you can create your own haunting Halloween display.

You will need:

-Empty TP & paper towel rolls
-battery operated tea lights
-hot glue gun and glue
-Paint brush
-Paint ( I used Apple Barrel Vanilla Ice Cream)

Gather up all of your empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls. You can even use empty wrapping paper rolls. I had 3 TP rolls and 1 paper towel roll.

Grab some scissors and cut each roll to the length you want. I cut mine all different lengths so that they would vary in height.

Next cut up the length of each roll so that is can be laid flat. You have to do this because the rolls are too big around and the tea light falls right through.

Take a cut roll and wrap it around a tea light. Use glue to secure the edges. Be careful if kids are helping you with this step. I had a couple of mishaps with my fingers and oozing hot glue!

After the glue is dry, use the glue gun to make the "dripping wax". Run glue along the top edge of each roll. Add lines of glue to look like drips. You can really load up the top line of glue and allow it to run a bit before you add the drips. This makes it look a bit more authentic.

Allow the glue to dry

After the glue is dry, remove the tea light. Paint each roll, including the wax drips. This may take a couple of coats, as the glue is harder to cover in one coat.

Allow rolls to dry completely. Place teas lights back into rolls.

Your faux candles are complete! Easy right? Plus they are safe! Now you can arrange your candles in a spooky Halloween display.

Don't pack those candles away after Halloween! You could use them on a Thanksgiving table or in you Christmas decor too!

Thanks for letting me share these fabulous faux candles with you!