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Halloween Burlap Pictures

Have I got a fun and easy Halloween craft for you! You can make it one night when you have some alone time, or have the kids help you. It is so cute! I'm excited to share it with you!

You will need a few items:

Wood- cut into squares
Black paint
Paint brush
Burlap paper
Black nails
Craft glue

First you need to create your picture. I used Photo Shop to create mine. Just adjust the page to the size you want your boards to be and get creative!

I used Alice In Wonderland Font and Trick or Treat 2 OT to create my pictures. The Trick or Treat font had Dingbats that I used for the witch, moon, and bats.

If you would rather use my printables, click here to download the witch and here for the 31. Then all you have to do is print.

Next grab your burlap paper. This is awesome stuff! I have used this many times on a ton of different projects. I got mine at Hobby Lobby when it was on sale for 50% off.

The burlap paper is too thick to put through your printer. Trust me, I tried... twice! Major paper jam! So, you will need to peel off the paper backing so you are only left with the burlap.

Feed the paper, one page at a time, into your printer. Make sure you put it in so that the front is going to be printed on. The back is a little rough from the paper and glue.

Print your pictures. I was really impressed at how well this printed. I have an ink jet printer.

Now we need our wood. I had two pieces of wood in my garage. I cut a 2x6 to 5 1/2" square and a 2x12 to 11" square. I used a router to round the cut edges so that they were nice, smooth and had a finished look.

I covered my work area with a garbage bag. (Much better than newspaper. You don't have to worry about paint drying and your project sticking to the paper). I used Rust-olem Black Chalk Board paint to paint my boards. You can use whatever black paint you have on hand.

After letting 2 coats of paint dry, it was time to cut the burlap pictures to fit on my boards. For the larger "31" picture, I cut the burlap 8 1/2" x 8 1/2". I pulled a few strands off the edges for a frayed look.

Then I centered it in the middle of my board leaving a 1 1/4" boarder. I applied a very thin line of Elmer's Craft Bond glue around the edges of the burlap to hold it down better.

For the small witch picture, I cut it 4 1/2" square. Again, I frayed the edges. Then glued it down.

Now it's time for nails. I picked up this package of Cut Nails at Hobby Lobby. They were under $3.00 for a package of 75.

I placed a nail in each corner of the burlap and pounded them in.

And your done! Super easy and so cute! I displayed mine on my mantel! But they would look great on a table or counter too!

Thanks for crafting with me!