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How to add a little joy to your home for the holiday

Feeling the need to add some joy to your home this Christmas season? Have I got the perfect little craft for you!

I picked up 2 wooden letters at Hobby Lobby. They were super cheap!

I grabbed 2 bottles of paint I had on hand... these are Apple Barrel Barn Red and Folkart Spanish Moss. I thought they complimented each other and looked a little rustic.

Then I painted two coats on each letter, on both sides, letting it dry between coats. Then I sanded the edges to make them look a little worn.

I had found some rustic jingle bells while shopping and snatched them up! I've tried to buy jingle bells well into the season before, and they all have disappeared. I decided that one of them could be my O. I took a piece of garland and some berries and twisted them through the top of my jingle bell.

My J was a little top heavy and didn't want to stand up straight very well. So I found a 10 1/2" piece of scrap wood in the garage and painted it off white.

After measuring the wood and figuring out exactly where to place each letter,

I broke out my trusty glue gun and glued everything in place.

You could get fatter letters that would stand up by themselves and forgo the board and gluing if you want. Having the board keeps everything together. It's really up to you.

That was such a quick and easy project. Plus it was cheap! What a fun addition to your holiday decor!