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A Thanksgiving table your kids will be thankful for

It's almost Thanksgiving! You've planned your menu, your decorations are ready, you are frantically cleaning your house. But what are you going to do with the kids?!

Don't you worry. I have some great ideas for you!

We had early Thanksgiving at our house this past Sunday. I was wondering what to do with the kids table. I knew I needed to give them some entertainment and of course I wanted to make something super cute! I started with a long table and covered it with brown butcher paper. I taped it onto the bottom so that it would stay in place for all those little wigglers.
I picked up the paper at the dollar store in the Christmas mailing section.
I found some free Thanksgiving printables on Pinterest that I printed out to put on the table.

Then the idea struck to make a cute crayon holder. We had some cut branches in the garage we had been using for a few other projects. I used a chop saw to cut three different sizes of rings.

I hot glued them together to make the form of a turkey.

Then I drilled 7 holes, staggered. 4 in the back and 3 in the front.

I cut the corner off of an orange piece of cardstock for the beak and then freehand cut a red piece to hang off the beak. (I googled it... it's correct term is a snood. Who knew?) I grabbed some googly eyes and glued all the pieces onto the smallest circle to make a face.

I added some crayons into the drilled holes for feathers and my crayon turkey was complete!

The next thing I decided to make were these cute placecards. We had 10 little ones coming to dinner, so I made 5 pilgrim hats and 5 Indian headbands to represent both pilgrims and Indians that attended the first Thanksgiving feast.

For the pilgrim hats, I painted small Dixie cups black.

I cut circles out of black cardstock.

Then I hot glued the cup onto the center of the circle. I used ribbon to make the band around the hat. Then I used washi tape to make a square buckle.
I wrote each child's name on the brim of the hat with a white chalk marker.

For the Indian headbands, I cut brown cardstock into strips

I used different colored washi tape to make a decorative edge around the headband.
Then, I wrote names with a sharpie in the middle of the strip of paper.
Next, I stapled the paper into a circle.
I hot glued two feathers onto the back of the inside of the headband. And you're done!

With all of these cute projects to put on the table, I didn't need much else. I added 3 small pumpkins and I my table was perfect!

The kids love their space. They drew pictures on the table cloth, colored pictures and wore their hats. Even the adults were impressed. Success!