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Monster Donuts

Halloween takes an extraordinary amount of time to prepare for. If it's anything like at my house, we spend a lot of time on costumes. After all, there are 9 of us! Who has time to bake yummy treats too? Here's an easy, delicious and unique treat everyone will love!

I First, unwrap dough from package and separate biscuits.

You will need something to cut a hole in the center of the biscuits. I used a large frosting tip.

Just center the cutter in the middle of each biscuit, push down and twist a bit. Pull the donut hole out of the cutter and put to the side. These first two steps are great for kids to help with.

Next, heat a few inches of oil in a pan. You will know it is hot enough if you splash a drop or two of water into the oil and it pops and sizzles.

Carefully drop 2-3 biscuits into hot oil. If the oil is hot enough, the first side of the dough will cook very quickly.

Quickly turn dough over with tongs and cook the other side until lightly browned.

Remove donut from oil and place on a paper towel covered plate to drain.

You can put in a few donut holes too. Just cook a few at a time. A slotted spoon works well to flip and remove them from the oil.

After the donuts have cooled a little, you and your little helpers can roll the donuts in different toppings.

We usually do sugar, cinnamon & sugar and powdered sugar. If I'm really ambitious, I will make chocolate glaze or a sugar glaze.

Here are our finished donuts. I didn't get a picture before they started disappearing off the plate!

Because it's almost Halloween, we decided to try something new. We took some of our plain donuts and made monster donuts!

For this, you will need some frosting. We grabbed a tub of fluffy white frosting and split it in 3. We colored it some fun Halloween colors, green, purple and orange. Then we filled some frosting bags.

Take your donut and squeeze little dollops of frosting around the edge.

Then move inward until all space is covered. Then decorate with sprinkles, candy, eyes, etc.

My kids thought these were pretty cool! We had so much fun creating them. I even thought it was fun! I mentioned this to one of my older daughters and she said, "Oh boy, you've created a monster!"

Let your imagination go and see what you can create.

Thanks for letting me share this yummy treat with you! Be sure to post some pictures in the comment section of the monster donuts you make!

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