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No more candy!

There you sit on Halloween night. You've been answering the door for a while now, when you realize you just ate the last Snickers bar. Your candy bowl is empty!

Now what? The trick-or-treaters are ringing the doorbell. You don't want to disappoint the kids time after time because you don't have any more treats.

Never fear! I have the perfect solution for you. A quick and cute printable to hang on your door telling your expectant visitors there are no more treats.

You can download the printable here and print it out on your printer at home. The printable is black and white. You can print it on whatever color paper you would like

Put it in a frame, hang it by a string or just tape it to your door.

This should keep the tricks to a minimum. Hope you have a fun night!

Happy Halloween! 🎃

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