Perfect Personalized Wedding Gift

Are you in search of a personalized quick wedding gift that won't break the bank? Here is a quick idea. A personalized etched casserole dish!

You will need:

-Casserole dish (any size)

-Vinyl or Contact Paper

-Sponge brush

-Glass Etching Ceam


Here are the easy instructions:

1- Use your cricket or silhouette machine to cut out your vinyl. (Or you can get it here). The vinyl needs to be cut out backwards. This is because it is going to be stuck on the bottom of your dish and you want to read it from the top looking down into your dish. If you're cutting your vinyl out before hand, be sure to use transfer paper. Or you can use contact paper instead of vinyl.

2- Make sure your dish is clean. Turn it upside down onto the counter. Peel the backing off of your vinyl and position it onto your pan where you like it.

3- When your stencil is in place where you want it, use a credit card or Popsicle stick to make sure the stencil is free of bubbles and wrinkles. Make sure all the edges of the stencil are pressed well so that nothing can leak under your stencil. Peel off the other backing.

4-You will need Glass Etching Creme (I used Armour Etch), a sponge brush and gloves.

5- Put a thick covering of Glass Etching Creme onto your stencil. I did this in several thinner layers to make sure the cream wasn't going to leak under the stencil. Let set for 10-15 minutes.

6- Carefully rinse the creme off of the pan.

Next peel back your stencil.

You did it! And it was so easy! Now you have a beautiful handmade personalized gift!