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DIY Rope Hanging Shelves

Do you ever shop online and see something you just love and then see the price?!! Your heart sinks and you think, I just can't bring myself to pay that! Or maybe you want it really bad but you know your husband would kill you for spending that much! A similar situation happened to my sister in law a little while back. But instead of being discouraged, she gave me a call! "Dawnya", she said. "Do you think you could make me these awesome shelves I saw today online?" Of course I was up for the challenge! She sent me a picture and I went to work. The good news is, they were easy! You are going to love them and with these simple instructions, you can make your own too! Let's get started!

Here's what you will need:

1 12" 1"x8" pine board
24' of 3/8" rope
2 Hooks or knobs
2 Dry wall anchors
Tape measure
Saw (optional)

First I went to Home Depot for supplies. I purchased the straightest 12 foot long 1" x 8" pine board I could find. I had the nice young man who worked there cut it into 3 even pieces, 4" long for me. Yeah, that eliminated a step for me, and they cut it FOR FREE!

I also picked up some stain and some rope while I was there.

I measured 1 1/2 from each corner and marked the spot with a pencil.

I used my 1/2" drill bit, put it in my drill and drilled out all four marked corners on each board.

Next, I used my router and with the round over bit, took the sharp edges off all the sides and the drilled holes.

I stained all three boards on both sides and let them dry overnight.

I cut 2 sections of about 12' of rope. I took one end of each of the ropes and wrapped it with electrical tape so it would be easy to thread. I threaded one rope through 2 holes on the end the board I wanted to be the top shelf.

I measured out about 3 1/2' of slack that I would need to hang it. This creates a loop at the top. Then I tied a knot under each corner of the shelf for support. The most difficult part was making the knots even.

I threaded the 2 ends of the rope through the 2 holes of the next shelf, leaving about 12". Then I tied a knot under the corners. I did this on the other end of the shelf as well. I repeated the steps with the third board. After tying the bottom knot under the third board, cut the rope.

If you want a bigger space between your shelves, just cut the rope longer.
It may take some adjusting of the knots to get your shelves to sit nice and even. This really was the hardest part of the entire project. Just have a little patience and you will get there.

Now your shelves are ready to hang. You could hang your shelves any way you like. I chose these cute knobs I found at Hobby Lobby.

Just use dry wall anchors to hang them so that you have enough support to hold up your shelves.

And you're done!
Don't you love the finished product?

Happy building!