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Sometimes I'm a flake

Your house looks bare after taking down all those festive holiday decorations. It's the middle of winter and let's face it, it's depressing! It was snowing... again! So my husband and I went out to the garage and got creative. Check out what we made together.

We had some old scrap pieces of pallet boards that we couldn't really use for anything else. They were perfect for this project. If you have some piece like this laying around, They just have to be long enough to make the longest leg of your snowflake.

First take your pallet board and using a table saw, rip each piece into 1" strips.

Use a chop saw to cut each board to length. We cut 2 boards to about 30". And 2 about 24". We measured and marked the center of each of the boards. Then we marked a half inch on each side of the center mark.

We set the table saw blade to cut half the thickness of the boards. Then we cut each board along the marks we just made.

We took the claws of the hammer and knocked out the cut pieces. It's ok if it's not smooth. This is a very rustic piece. Imperfections give it more personality.

Next fit the two cut pieces together like a puzzle, using wood glue to hold them together. Do that with both pieces.

Use a nail gun to nail the pieces together.

Next we took more scrap pallet pieces and ripped them to 3/8". We took them to the chop saw and cut them at a 45 degree angle on one end of each piece. Then cut the other end to the desired length.

This is your chance to be creative. Match the pieces together to make 45 degree angles. Glue them together and secure with a nail. Then attach each little "arrow" piece to your snowflake wherever you want! You can make other shapes too. Add triangles, lines, whatever. It's yours to create.

It's time for paint. I wanted my snowflakes to be rustic and worn looking. So I did a few very light coats of white spray paint. Then let it dry.

Now to decide what you're going to do with your cute snowflake. We made a few. One I hung on my front door. We drilled a hole in the top arm of the snowflake about half an inch down with a half inch drill bit. I threaded some Burlap through the hole and tied a knot and hung it on my door.

I've had compliments already! I took the other one and placed it on a shelf with some cute winter decor.

These snowflakes definitely helped with my winter blues! Make some for your house too!