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Who’s ready for Halloween?

I feel like I’m a little behind on the decorating. I had made a cute little broom parking sign and decided that I had to have some brooms to go along with it! So I picked a bare spot on my front patio to decorate. Check out what I created with what I had around the house!

First I settled on an odd number of broom sticks. 3 sounded perfect! If you’re thinking of making a project like this one, there are no rules. Be creative. Do whatever you want. Try things out. Be brave.
We had some Quaking Aspen logs and tree trimmings in the garage we had gathered last year that we had been using for various projects. I picked out a good sturdy handle perfect for flying. I trimmed it to a size that looked good. I searched through my craft supplies. I found a package of raffia and decided it would make some good broom bristles.

I took the ends and fit them around the broom handle. I had to do a bit of trimming and arranging, but in the end it looked pretty good.

Then I got some twine and tied it tightly around the raffia, leaving one end long. Then I took the long end and wrapped it as tightly as possible around the end of the broom and tied it again and tucked the end under the wrapped twine.

I thought about purchasing more raffia to make the broom bristles fuller but then decided against the added expense.
This is what broom #1 looked like finished.

Broom # 2 was a rustic broom. I think it is my most favorite! The broomstick is made from a branch of a very large sagebrush bush. It is not smooth but has loose rough peeling bark that makes for a very interesting piece. I cut the broomstick to the size I wanted.
The bristles I made from some dried out yellowing weeds I found growing on the edge of our property.

I pulled the weeds and gathered them together and trimmed the roots off.

Next, I measured the weeds on the broomstick and made sure I had a spot just right for them the end of the broomstick.

I used the same process of tying on the bristles with the twine as I did on broom # 1.

Broom # 3
I’m sure you’ve got the hang of this by now. This broomstick came from a tree we trimmed. I’m not sure what kind of tree it is but it’s great. The bark is nice and smooth. We gathered smaller branches (the kids can help with this) and trimmed them to equal length.

I fit them around the broomstick and held them tight. I needed help with this one.

My hubby helped wrap the twine and tie the twigs onto the broomstick tightly so that no twigs fell out.

Next I headed to my patio. I found a crate, a few pumpkins, flowers, and of course my brooms and violá!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you decide to make some of your own brooms or Halloween decor, send me some pictures! I’d love to see!